Monday, November 29, 2010

Baby Shower Cookie Favors!

By: Christine
I received an order for decorated shortbread cookies that would be the party favors for a baby shower. I was given a picture of the baby shower invitations and asked to make cookies that resembled the animals on the invitation; elephants, ducks, giraffes, and teddy bears.
(picutre of actual invitation)
I researched shortbread cookie recipes and found one that got great reviews. I rolled out the dough and cut out all of the animal shapes.
I baked the cookies and let them cool completely.

I made royal icing using the Wilton recipe for the decorating part of these cookies. Since the invitations and party colors were brown, blue and yellow, I tinted the royal icing to match. I used cocoa powder to create chocolate royal icing and icing coloring for the blue and yellow. I started with outlining each cookie in the chocolate royal icing.
After allowing the chocolate royal icing to dry, I began “flooding” the cookies with the thinned out blue & yellow royal icing. Using a toothpick, I spread the icing evenly over the entire cookie.
These cookies needed time to dry and after the icing was completely hardened, I placed each cookie in a clear cellophane bag. I also added a Frost It! sticker on the back of each bag which listed all of the ingredients that these cookies contained.
I added a beautiful brown and blue ribbon to seal the bags and complete these favors.
These cookies were ready for delivery!

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