Monday, May 3, 2010

Cake Pops

By: Christine

I am a big fan of a blogger named Bakerella. She created something that I had never heard of until spring time of 2009: the cake ball. A cake ball consists of: A freshly baked cake (any flavor), freshly made frosting (any flavor) mixed together and rolled into a ball or into whatever shaped is needed for the final product.

The Cake Pop is a cake ball on a stick & using high quality candy melts in a variety of colors it is possible to create almost anything that can be imagined! These are some of the ideas that I have tried from the Bakerella website.

Graduation Cap Cake Pops:

Christmas Tree & Santa Hat Cake Pops:

Apple Shaped Cake Pops:

Cupcake Bites: These also use the cake ball but instead of on a stick they are molded to look like mini cupcakes.

Leprechaun Hat Cake Balls: These are similar to the cupcake bites but were molded into the shape of Leprechaun Hats for St. Patrick’s Day

Cake balls, cake pops & cupcake bites are great for themed parties since they can be molded into so many different shapes. They are also great for children’s parties because they are an easy grab & go treat!


  1. Wow these are awesome I love the cupcakes so fun and festive! I love the hats as well! They must have taken a long time but are just great!

  2. Those Christmas Tree and Santa hat cake pops? Amazing.

    Now that I read this over I really want some. :(

  3. Hi there! I love the little leprechaun hats! What did you use to make the rims of the hats-how did you make the icing make a rim, versus mold around the cake?