Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Christine & Jill

With both of our birthdays within days of each other (Christine-June 16th Jill-June 20th) we decided that it would be fun to bake each other a birthday cake. We worked separately and didn’t discuss flavor, color, shape, or any decorating techniques so that we could be surprised at the unveiling of the birthday cakes!

Happy Birthday Jill!
By: Christine
I decided to make Jill a giant cupcake birthday cake. I got this pan from a Yankee swap and I’ve been dying to use it ever since. Jill’s birthday, I decided, was the perfect occasion for a giant cupcake!

I made homemade confetti (funfetti) cake batter using a simple white cake recipe and adding rainbow sprinkles. During the cooking process these sprinkles melt into the batter and create colorful spots throughout the bright white cake. One of Jill’s favorite types of cakes is funfetti, which is why I wanted to make this for her birthday.

I wanted to decorate part of the cake with fondant. I lightly frosted the bottom of the cupcake with buttercream frosting, and then covered it with coral colored marshmallow fondant.I attached the top of the cupcake to the bottom and frosting it liberally with homemade buttercream frosting in a swirl pattern.

I also made 6 cupcakes to surround the giant cupcake, frosted & covered in fondant with a rose on top

I added a few bright yellow roses to the top of the cupcake and added some giant round confetti sprinkles to complete the cupcake.

Making this cake for Jill was a fun way to try something new. The giant cupcake pan was fun to work with, and the cupcake was fun to decorate.

Happy Birthday Christine!
By: Jill

It was so much fun to make a birthday cake for Christine! Because I know how much Christine loves the blogger Bakerella, I decided to make Bakerella's Red Velvet Cake. My previous red velvet cupcakes had been made using a combination of a few recipes, so I was excited to see how this recipe would turn out.

I couldn't be happier that Christine liked her cake! It was fun to surprise each other and for me to try a different recipe for a dessert I had previously made. I think it's important to try a few different recipes in order to find your favorite.

We shared both of our cakes with some friends who all said "I'll have a little of both!" It was great to have two distinct flavors to enjoy at our party.

The cakes were a big hit and a lot of fun to make for each other. We will be doing this again next June!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father’s Day!

By: Christine
I wanted to make something special for my Dad for Father’s Day. I made him a mini cake for Father’s Day last year so this year I wanted to make something different, something more creative, and something delicious!

I turned to one of my favorite and most creative bloggers, Bakerella, who provided me with a few ideas. After looking around Bakerella's blog, I found something that I knew my Dad would love: Hamburgers. Not made with meat but with brownies, cupcakes as the buns and frosting as the condiments!

I baked cupcakes, cooled them, then cut them in half.

I baked the brownies at the same time cooled them, and then, using a round cookie cutter, made the “meat” of the hamburger.

For the condiments, I made a batch of frosting and divided it into three separate bowls. I used Wilton's frosting coloring to create different colors: Red (ketchup) Yellow (mustard) and Green (lettuce.)

Sesame seeds on top complete the hamburger bun!

These little burgers appealed to me because they combine two of my favorite treats into one, they are also really cute and I knew my Dad would love them! These little “burgers” would be great for a barbecue too!

Happy Father’s Day Dad!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Cheesecake does not taste like cheese!

By: Christine

I always thought that cheesecake tasted like cheese. And why would I think any differently if the word cheese is in the name! Up until a few years ago I hadn’t ever attempted to eat a piece of cheesecake. But now I cannot get enough!

For Thanksgiving 2009 I made two different cheesecakes for two different family functions.

The first cheesecake that I made was a Chocolate Chip Cheesecake. This Cheesecake has a graham cracker crust, creamy filling with chocolate chips mixed in.

The second cheesecake that I made was a Pumpkin Caramel Cheesecake. I based this recipe on The Pioneer Woman's "Caramel Pumpkin Gingersnap Cheesecake. So There," recipe.This Cheesecake had a gingersnap cookie crust with creamy pumpkin filling covered in caramel sauce.

This cheesecake I made for a small get together with some friend & family. It is a combination of a few different recipes. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake. This cheesecake has a chocolate graham cracker crust with mini peanut butter cups. The filling is a light and fluffy peanut butter filling with mini peanut butter cups. This is an ideal dessert treat for a peanut butter cup lover!

I have also made a few mini cheesecake bites: Original Cheesecake and Grasshopper Cheesecake (mint with a chocolate crust.) These cheescakes are about the size of a mini cupcake which makes them a perfect addition to any party dessert platter!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Janice's Going Away Party - Red Velvet Cupcake Favors!

By: Jill
I am a huge fan of red velvet cake, so when my friend Janice asked me to make red velvet cupcakes as favors for the guests at her going-away brunch, I was very excited to make them!

I consulted a number of recipes for these cupcakes. After reading user reviews of different recipes, I found one that I loved!

For the frosting, I used Paula Dean's cream cheese frosting recipe. It was excellent!

Elizabeth, my cousin, took the amazing picture below. It's one of my favorites!

Red sprinkles on top make them complete!

The finished cupcake! Individually packaged with ribbon and a Frost It! sticker on top.