Monday, August 2, 2010

Bachelor Party!

By Christine
Theme cakes are a great way display someone’s likes and interests and give them a personalized cake full of all of the things they love!

I was asked, by my friend Julie, to make a cake for her fiancé’s bachelor party. We talked about whether or not she wanted a theme for this cake and after going back and forth on a few ideas, we came up with one idea that combined two of her fiancé’s favorite activities: golf with a little bit of hunting mixed in!

There were going to be around 20 people at this party so I decided that a two layer half sheet cake would be a perfect size. I used The Pioneer Woman’s “The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever” recipe & Wilton’s Buttercream Frosting recipe for this cake.

I frosted the entire cake in a grass green color.

I dug out three areas on the cake to create the sand traps & pond for the golf course. I crushed up a few graham crackers to create the sand traps & I tinted buttercream frosting blue to make the pond water. After shaping the “green,” I added some grass, using a darker colored green frosting and a grass tip, to create the “rough.”

I added some plastic trees & a deer (for the hunting portion of the theme.) I also added some bubble gum rock candy around the pond.

I also added a golf hole with black frosting. I used a toothpick to make the flag pole and a white taffy candy to create the flag. I also used the taffy to create the golf balls that were scattered around.

This cake was my first theme cake and it was very fun to make! It was also enjoyed by all of the guests at the bachelor party!


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  2. This cake was amazing! I felt that it captured the theme perfectly. Everyone enjoyed it so much. My father couldn’t stop raving about it. He said is looked great- but tasted even better. Thank you so much for making it a hit! Anytime I need a birthday cake I know exactly who to ask