Monday, August 9, 2010

Christening Cake!

We were asked, by Jill's sister-in-law, to make a Christening cake for her son. She wanted a two layer, 1/4 sheet cake, marble cake with buttercream frosting. We used our favorite yellow cake and chocolate cake recipes and marbled them together.

We covered the cake in vanilla buttercream frosting that we tinted a light blue color.

We piped on small swirled flowers, in white, to created a beautiful border and added small blue edible pearls into the middle of the swirl flowers.

These blue pearls we also used as an outline of the cross on this cake.

We made a dozen flowers out of gum paste arranged them around the corners of the cake.

This was a fun cake to make since we were able to work on it together. We also used many of the techniques we learned in our cake decorating classes by trying out a new type of border and making gum paste flowers!

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