Monday, July 26, 2010

Adventures in Wilton Cake Decorating Class

Course #1: Learning the Basics

In our first Wilton cake decorating class, we were told about all of the fun things we would be doing for the course & most importantly, we would be learning how to make the Wilton Rose.

For the second class, we brought in our own cakes and were prepared to learn how to uses the basic tips. We also learned & were able to practice making the Wilton Rose. The assignment for this class was the Rainbow Cake. This was a simple assignment that we both had a lot of fun with & below are the pictures of each of our finished products!

The third class, we could bring in either a cake or cupcakes. Jill chose to make cupcakes & Christine chose to make 2 mini cakes & 6 cupcakes to decorate. This week’s assignment was clowns & drop flowers. Below are our finished products!

For the fourth & final class of this course we brought in our cakes and were told that we needed to completely decorate our cakes in almost any way we wanted, although, roses were the main focus on the class so we both used them in our final project. Below are our final cakes!

We were each awarded a certificate for passing the Course #1. We plan on using the techniques we learned in this class in the future since every cake requires some of basic decorating.


Course #2 Flowers and Cake Design

This course taught us how to make flowers using gum paste, fondant and royal icing.
In the first class we learned how to make cut and press flowers and pansies out of gum paste and fondant.

In the second class we learned how make ribbon roses, prim roses, apple blossoms, and rose buds out of royal icing.

In the third class we learned how to make daffodils, lilies and we practiced our roses, only this time, we were using royal icing. Royal Icing is different from buttercream because it hardens quickly and creates long lasting beautiful flowers.

In the fourth and final class of the course we learned the basket weave & reverse shell technique. We were asked to bring in the flowers that we had made in the previous classes and a frosted cake. We were allowed to decorate the cakes in any way that we wanted!

Jill’s final cake: Basket weave in a bright purple, with a reverse shell border, ribbon roses and small purple flowers on the top of the cake!

Christine’s final cake: Basket weave in bright yellow, “grass” piped on top, and an assortment of flowers on top!

We both passed the class with flying colors and we look forward to using all of the techniques we learned in our future cakes. We also will be taking the next (and last) Wilton class “Gum Paste & Fondant” in the fall!

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