Monday, August 23, 2010

Rehearsal Dinner Cake & Cupcakes!

By: Christine

After receiving some great feedback on the bachelor party cake that I had made in July for my friend Julie, she asked if I would be able make a cake for the wedding rehearsal dinner for her and her fiancĂ©. I was very excited and honored to be asked to make a cake for such an important event.

 After getting an idea of what Julie wanted for the shape, flavor, color & size of the cake, we both agreed that a small cake and a bunch of mini cupcakes would work best. She had asked for some of the cupcakes to be chocolate and some to be vanilla. The cake was going to be a bit of both too, with one layer of chocolate and one of vanilla.

The color/decorating idea for this cake was to create a cake that resembled a Tiffany gift box complete with beautiful white ribbon and a bow!

After baking the cupcakes, I decided that the plain white baking liners didn't seem elegant enough so I created mini cupcake wrappers with lace doilies.  I piped the Tiffany blue frosting on top of the cupcakes in with a star tip creating a swirl on top!

I covered the 2 layer cake in Tiffany blue colored frosting and piped in small round white beading along the bottom of the cake. I attached strips of white gum paste to create the ribbon and painted the gum paste with edible pearl dust to create a more realistic looking ribbon! I attached the bow that was also formed with gum paste to finalize the Tiffany box cake!

I placed the cake on a glass pedestal so that it would sit above the cupcakes and allow the couple to cut the cake without the cupcakes being in the way.

I delivered this cake to the location of the rehearsal dinner. As soon as I got the the restaurant, I arranged the cupcakes on the platter.

With the cake on the glass pedestal, I placed it in the center of the platter.

Congratulations to Julie & Pasquale, who were married on August 21, 2010!

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  1. The cake and cupcakes were perfect! I wanted my guests to enjoy something sweet but with a twist- (since they were having cake in 2 days)
    Everyone got a nice slice of cake and took home a cupcake to snack on later... on the way to the parking lot!!!
    Christine always come though and that is why I will use her for all of my events!!
    thanks again christine!
    love julie & pasquale