Monday, January 3, 2011

Merry Christmas (Part One)

By: Christine
After making lots of cake pops for Christmas Eve, I decided to make a few different things for Christmas day.
I turned to one of my favorite books, “Hello Cupcake” and found lots of ideas, but was able to pick just one to make: Snow Globe Cupcakes!
I baked one dozen chocolate cupcakes, allowed them to cool, and frosted them with white buttercream. I sprinkled blue sugar crystals on top to resemble the “snow” inside of a snow globe. I made three different snow globe scenes:
Snowman: I used jelly candies as the body and chocolate candy wafers for the hat and eyes. I used an orange jelly candy for the nose and green buttercream frosting for the scarf.

Gingerbread house: I used a graham cracker as the house and piped on the roof & doors with colored buttercream frosting.
Christmas tree: I used green colored buttercream for the tree and a yellow sprinkle for the star. Then I used melted chocolate candy wafers for the stem of the tree.
When each snow globe cupcake scene was complete, I placed them on their side and attached them to a chocolate covered graham cracker using melted chocolate candy. These cupcakes were complete & so cute!
The other things that I made for Christmas day were cookie candy cups in a few assorted flavors; Snickers, mini peanut butter cups & Peppermint Stick
I made sugar cookie dough and double chocolate cookie dough. I rolled the dough into balls and placed them into a mini muffin tin. While these were baking, I unwrapped a few mini Snickers candy bars and a few mini peanut butter cups. As soon as the cookies came out of the oven, I placed the candies into the center. 1/3 of the cookies had Snickers in the middle, 1/3 had PB cups and the other 1/3 I left plain, temporarily.
With the plain cookies, I waited until they were cool and then I piped on white buttercream frosting and placed them upside-down into a bowl of crushed peppermint candies. After all of the cookies cooled, I drizzled on green & red candy melts and also added white sprinkles which completed these cookie candy cups!

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