Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve Cake Pops!

By: Christine
I received many requests from family members and friends that I make cake pops for the two Christmas Eve parties that I was going to be attending. I had made some holiday cake pops last year and they were a huge hit. Bakerella has so many ideas for holiday cake pops and after looking around her website I decided to make reindeer cake pops, snowmen cake pops and Christmas tree cake pops.
I started by baking a small yellow butter cake and a small chocolate cake, then I let them cool completely. Using a spatula, I scraped the cakes out of the pans and into two large bowls. I added a half cup of frosting into each bowl (vanilla in the yellow cake and chocolate in the chocolate cake.) After combining the cake and frosting together, I spooned out a small amount of the mixture and rolled it into a ball. I did this step with the remaining cake/frosting mixture until I had all the cake balls I needed.
I decided to work on the snowmen cake pops first. For these cake pops I used the yellow butter cake balls. I placed a lollipop stick into each cake ball and put them into the freezer for a few minutes to harden. While the pops were in the freezer, I melted white chocolate candy wafers. After the cake pops were slightly hardened, I dunked them into the melted white chocolate and tapped the pop until the white chocolate was smoothly covering the cake ball. I stuck the pop into a Styrofoam block to dry.

While the cake pops were drying, I worked on the snowman’s accessories. I made the snowmen hats using a standard sized Oreo cookie and also a mini Oreo cookie that I “glued” together using chocolate candy wafers. I also made the snowmen noses with mini M&M candies.
I attached the hat & nose to the white cake pop and then drew on, with black frosting, the snowman’s eyes and mouth. These cake pops were complete!
The next cake pop I decided to work on was the Christmas tree pop. These ones I had made before they were so fun and festive, I decided to make them again!
I started with a cake ball that I formed into a cone shape. I placed lollipop sticks into the cones and stuck them into the freezer to harden. While they were in the freezer, I melted green candy wafers. I dunked the cone shaped cake pops into the melted green candy, added some “ornaments” (large round candy sprinkles) and a star on top!
The last cake pop may have been the most difficult; the reindeer cake pop. I started out, as I had before, placing a lollipop stick in the cake ball. After hardening in the freezer, I dunked these cake pops into melted milk chocolate.
I used a mini M&M candy for the nose, pretzels for the antlers, white candy melts and black frosting for the eyes and mouth. These cake pops were complete!

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  1. How did you shape the christmas tree balls into cones?