Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Brownies!

By: Christine
I made three different kinds of brownies for a family Christmas party that I attended yesterday. I used this recipe for these brownies because I wanted a chewy, soft, and fudge like brownie.
The first type was plain, just chocolate. These brownies were so moist and chewy.
The next kind of brownie I made was peanut butter cup. These brownies were filled with lots of mini peanut butter cups! The last type of brownie I made was Oreo candy cane and I added the Oreo cookies right into the batter.
I topped the peanut butter cup brownies with chocolate frosting and sprinkles on more mini peanut butter cups.
I topped the Oreo candy cane brownies with the chocolate frosting and also added some crushed Oreo cookies and lots of peppermint candies. Then, I drizzled red colored candy melts on top!
This platter was complete and all of the brownies tasted great!

1 comment:

  1. They all look amazing! I love the look of the ones with the peppermint candies on them - very Christmas-y!