Monday, December 20, 2010

Graham Cracker Chewy Bars!

By: Jill
I decided to make graham cracker chewy bars for a family party because they were different than anything I had done in the past and also easy "finger food" for people to pick up and eat at a party. I don't even remember where I came across the recipe for these bars, but I am so happy that I did! They were a huge hit and even dubbed "the best bars I have ever made".The crust was made of graham cracker, brown sugar, and butter.
The filling was a delicious brown sugar mixture that ended up tasting like caramel after baking.
After baking the crust, the filling is poured into the pan to cook.
Although the original recipe calls for pecans to be mixed in with the filling, I opted for chocolate chips instead!
The result was a gooey, delicious dessert bar!
I will certainly be making these again (maybe for Christmas!) because they were so popular.

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