Monday, October 18, 2010

Homemade Dog Biscuits!

By: Christine
On the day of my dog Dutchess’ birthday, I stopped into Petco to pick up a few presents for her. While I was at the register, I told the saleswoman that it was my dog’s birthday and, since I love to bake for people, I should have baked my dog a cake! The saleswoman handed me a binder that contained pictures of dog cakes that could be ordered in the store and shipped wherever I wanted it. They also had gourmet cookies available in a number of shapes; cupcakes, fire hydrants, bones etc. This got me thinking…

Although I hadn’t baked a cake, I did construct a cake out of a doggie ice cream and a few dog biscuits, which Dutchess enjoyed.

I knew that for next year, I wanted to bake Dutchess a birthday cake but since I didn’t want to wait that long to try something canine friendly, I decided to experiment with making dog biscuits.

I searched online for a dog biscuit recipe and found a lot of different options. I decided on a recipe that contained simple ingredients that I knew my dog would love. I changed the original recipe which called for cheese and milk and I replaced it with crunchy peanut butter. 

After mixing all of the ingredients together, I rolled out the dough. I used a small “love” cookie cutter to create the shape of the biscuit.

I baked the cookies for 20 minutes, allowed them to cool, and then decorated some of the cookies in with white candy melts (as most people know, milk and dark chocolate is very harmful for dogs, the colored candy melts that are just white chocolate are safe in small quantities-click for more info.)

These homemade dog biscuits make great gifts too!

Dutchess would not leave my side the entire time I was in the kitchen baking and decorating these cookies. After allowing the biscuits to cool, I gave one to Dutchess which she devoured in seconds!

(Action Shot!!)

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