Monday, October 25, 2010

Christening Cupcakes!

This is the largest order that Frost It! has received so far and it required a lot of team work to complete. We were asked, by a family friend, to make favors for a Christening. After figuring out how many favors were needed, we were able to come up with a couple of flavor and color combinations as well as some possible packaging ideas.
The order was for ten dozen cupcakes which needed to be packaged individually; half of the cupcakes were going to be chocolate and the other half, lemon.

The lemon cupcakes: We used Bakerella’s recipe, one of our favorite and most used recipes, for the base of this cupcake. To get a true lemon flavor, we zested and squeezed one whole lemon and added it to the batter.

The chocolate cupcakes: We used Martha Stewart's recipe for the chocolate cupcakes. We like this recipe for two reasons: it stays extremely moist and the chocolate flavor is not too intense, so everyone will enjoy it! It was great to do two flavors and offer our friend's guests the choice to pick which one they liked best.

(this is what 10 dozen cupcakes looks like!)

The frosting colors that were chosen for this order were baby blue and pastel yellow. We used a traditional buttercream recipe and tinted half of it baby blue. With the other half of the frosting, we tinted it pastel yellow and added the zest and juice from one whole lemon.

After cooling the cupcakes, it was time to get started on decorating. With our pasty bags filled with delicious buttercream in hand, we got to work! We used a 1M tip to create the fun, but simple, swirl of frosting on the cupcake. We decorated the cupcakes while they were in the clear plastic single cupcake containers, which proved to be very efficient.

120 swirls of frosting later, we were done; it was now time to get them packaged and ready to go.

We wrapped the container in baby blue ribbon and placed a sticker on top. We used two different stickers; a cross and a monogram sticker to finish the look of the favors!

Boxed up and ready for delivery!

This cupcake order was challenging but also very fun for us. We knew that we could only accomplish this task by working as a team and we succeeded!


  1. GO TEAM FROST IT! Looks and sounds delicious!

  2. They came out beautifully, as I knew they would! Aside from my son, they were the hit of the christening. Thank you again for all of the hard work! It was greatly appreciated!