Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jill's First Attempt At Cake Pops - S'mores Style!

By: Jill
Christine does such an amazing job on cake pops I decided to give it a try! I decided to incorporate one of my favorite desserts - S'mores - into
a cake pop.

I used a chocolate cake base with a marshmallow frosting to make the cake balls.
The first variation involved the finished cake pop dipped in melted chocolate and then rolled in graham crackers.

I felt that the marshmallow taste wasn't incredibly prominent in those cake pops, so I decided to do a second variation that involved dipping the cake pop in melted marshmallow, then in melted chocolate, and then rolled in graham cracker. It was difficult to keep the marshmallow at a temperature that was melty enough to dip the pop in and also keep it from
burning. These pops were also heavy.

The third variation involved putting a mini-marshmallow on the cake pop stick before putting the stick in the cake. Then the cake pop was dipped in chocolate and graham cracker as was the first variation.

After multiple taste testers (including my friend Lauren - a self-proclaimed S'mores tasting expert), the second variation was the most well-liked, although the most difficult to make. I think next time, I would use a frosting that including more marshmallow or just used melted marshmallow on its own.

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