Friday, July 16, 2010

Black Forest Cake

I love Black Forest Cake and, since I don't get many requests for it, I was excited to make this cake for my friend Janice to take to a birthday party.

Black Forest Cake has four main components: chocolate cake, cherries (sour pitted), whipped cream, and Kirschwasser (German cherry brandy made with morello cherries found in the Black Forest region of Germany).

This cake has 3 layers. On each layer I drizzle a mixture of Kirschwasser, cherry juice, and sugar.

Then, a whipped cream frosting dam is piped around the edges and a cooked cherry mixture is piled in the middle. Whipped cream is also added on top of the cherries before the next layer is place on it.

The same steps are followed for the second layer.

The third layer is the final layer.

Whipped cream frosting covers the sides of the cake and then chocolate crumbles are patted around the entire cake. The cherry mixture is also added to the top and whipped cream frosting is used for icing stars around the top and bottom border.

A Frost It! sticker and bow are the finishing touches!

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