Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father’s Day!

By: Christine
I wanted to make something special for my Dad for Father’s Day. I made him a mini cake for Father’s Day last year so this year I wanted to make something different, something more creative, and something delicious!

I turned to one of my favorite and most creative bloggers, Bakerella, who provided me with a few ideas. After looking around Bakerella's blog, I found something that I knew my Dad would love: Hamburgers. Not made with meat but with brownies, cupcakes as the buns and frosting as the condiments!

I baked cupcakes, cooled them, then cut them in half.

I baked the brownies at the same time cooled them, and then, using a round cookie cutter, made the “meat” of the hamburger.

For the condiments, I made a batch of frosting and divided it into three separate bowls. I used Wilton's frosting coloring to create different colors: Red (ketchup) Yellow (mustard) and Green (lettuce.)

Sesame seeds on top complete the hamburger bun!

These little burgers appealed to me because they combine two of my favorite treats into one, they are also really cute and I knew my Dad would love them! These little “burgers” would be great for a barbecue too!

Happy Father’s Day Dad!!!

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