Monday, April 4, 2011

Fancy Nancy Cake!

We had made a Mardi Gras themed cake for a little girl who was going to be turning 6 years old. She was having a second party, a family party, the next day and this party theme was “Fancy Nancy.” The requests for this cake were slightly less specific; lots of girly stuff & lots of glitter.
We started out with the cakes, and for this cake we decided to make the batter pink! After baking the cakes and allowing them to cool, we frosted the cake with white buttercream.
We used the gum paste cutting machine again for this cake. We used pink and purple gum paste to created teapots, butterflies, and a tiara. We made lots of tiny roses, by hand, to add to this cake too.
We wrote “Happy Birthday Sofia, in bright pink buttercream and piped on a bright pink star border. We added lots of pink and silver sprinkles to the top of the cake.
 We wanted the tiara to be a focus point for this cake so we added lots of purple accents, lots of glitter, and we added a “6” to the middle of the tiara.
We placed the roses, butterflies and teapots on top of the cake. We also placed some teapots and butterflies to the sides of the cake.

This cake was so fun and girly! We had a lot of fun making this cake because we were able to play around with the cake batter by making it pink and also we were able to make different shaped using the gum paste cutting machine.

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