Monday, September 13, 2010

Seashell Cake for Mom

By: Jill
For my mom's birthday, I made a cake from her favorite combination: chocolate and raspberry.
After search going searching through numerous recipes, I found one that I wanted to try. I decided to use this recipe from RecipeZaar. I choose it because my mother loves dark chocolate and the recipe called for melted dark chocolate to create a more brownie-like consistency to the cake.

The frosting was absolutely amazing! I had never made a chocolate cream cheese frosting before and it was creamy and easy to spread.

Because the birthday party was taking place at my parent's house on the Cape, I gave it a sea shell theme. I made chocolate sea shells from a mold and placed them on the top of the cake.

The finished cake ready to be cut! I loved the rich chocolate flavor of the cake combined with the sweet raspberry filling in the center and the chocolate cream cheese frosting.

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